Life Fitness
Small group personal training with experienced coaches. We utilise state of the art equipment to deliver results-based programmes. We shy away from the fads as we are only focused on training that matters. Capped at 4, our small group sessions offer the benefits of one to one personal training with the added camaraderie of larger groups. We believe to be a life athlete, you must move well, move often and enjoy living with confidence. To achieve this, you need a sustained training programme. Our job is to make you crave training with us.

Krav Maga
Hebrew for Contact Combat, Krav Maga is globally recognised as the leading self defence system. It teaches life-skills to help prevent, avoid, deter and deal with violence. Governed by principles, Krav Maga is taught in a unique and comprehensive manner born out of the environment it was developed under in Israel. Practitioners gain knowledge in self protection, situational awareness and combat skills. At Life Athletes we teach our mixed classes in small groups of 4. It enables us to maximise learning whilst maintaining personal attention.
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10 rounds; 2 minutes per round; 1 minute active rest; 30 minutes in total. A combat cardio workout like you’ve never experienced before. Utilising Myzone heart monitors, these interactive workouts are not only fun but highly addictive. Available during gym hours, there is no waiting to be had. Our weekly themes will help you relieve stress and punch the pounds away.
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