Get started with a complimentary 60-minute Life Strategies session. Our sessions are very relaxed and informal... We’ll show you around our “Hidden Gym” facility; chat to you about what you’d like to achieve and share with you our ethos on what makes a Life Athlete.

Life Strategies save you time and give you clarity

We use our time together to find the best approach for you from our range of life fitness and self protection group classes and semi-private training sessions. Whether you are looking for fat loss, more energy, increased confidence or just simply being a Life Athletes in today’s world, we’ll help you find that.

It’s a chat, not a sales pitch

We are not sleazy used car salesmen. Our sessions are an in-depth conversation with an everyday person who’s an expert on what makes a Life Athlete. Our goal is for you to understand what Life Athletes is about and what they can offer. Ultimately the decision lies with you, we just help make better informed.

We love our home

Whether you think it could be that 3rd place or not, we take a lot of pride in our training studio. As Life Athletes we wanted to have a place, a den of our own where we enjoy training and hanging out with like-minded people. If you decided to give us a try afterwards you’ll be able to sign-up to our 30-day trial with no obligation to join afterwards… you’ll have fun for sure.

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